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Mazed - confused, bewildered, lost, foolish
'Mazed as a coot', 'Mazed as a curlew', 'Mazed as a brush' (old Looe saying found in the Looe Ditty Box booklet, 1924)
'Mazed by the piskies'

If you've lost something; your keys, your pen, or your way on the moor...Or, if you've forgotten what you were going to say or what you went upstairs for... you'll have been MAZED BY THE PISKIES. The only way to cure the piskies' maze is to TURN YOUR POCKETS INSIDE OUT.

Cornwall is a place rich in myth and legend, and the Cornish people are born storytellers. In the past Cornwall's stories would have been told by wandering droll storytellers, sung in ballad form by balladeers and then told by anyone and everyone round the fire on a cold winter's night.

MAZED is an ambitious transmedia community project designed to reinvigorate traditional droll telling in South East Cornwall and reimagine it for the digitial age. 


Stories told about places all over Cornwall were gathered and written down by Victorian collectors over 150 years ago. They were first published in newspapers, then in books. Mazed has sifted tales from Sout East Cornwall from these old collections. The stories have been retold for the Mazed collection by local writers and storytellers.

Mazed also collected stories in interviews with members of the local community .  Mazed story researchers have been trained in oral history collecting techniques by CAVA.

If you are  know any local tales you would like to contribute to the collection: please contact us!


A puppet of Liskeard's umbrella man Bill Chubb, accompanied by Liskeard actor Nina Hills, is bringing local stories onto the street at festivals in South East Cornwall, starting with St Matthews Fair in Liskeard and Looe Music Festival .  See our facebook page for event updates.


The tales on the Mazed website are there to be retold -  read them or watch the animations a few times and you will be able to tell the tales in your own words.

Creative copyright of each of the unique Mazed tellings belongs to the storyteller.

 Storytelling sessions were held in local schools, libraries and residential homes. Mazed storytellers are still telling, if you would like a visit from Bill Chubb and a storyteller  please contact us.  See our facebook page for event updates.


The website is an archive of traditional tales from Caradon, growing as new tales are found. Itfeatures  Bill Chubb's blog of living memory stories contributed by people from the area; some true tales, some mazed memories.


Collections of stories have been made from 12 locations in the Caradon area. Schoolchildren from these places heard their local tales, learnt them and  retold them to their friends and families at droll tea parties.  There was a public vote for each community's favourite story. The children then took part in a visual storytelling workshop to bring their story to life - in different ways eg puppets, sculpture, textiles. A moodboard was made to record the results of these workshops. The workshops took place between September 2013 and Febuary 2014.


The 12 chosen stories, 1 for each location, have been animated, 6 by professional animators and 6 by students at Falmouth University. The animation of each place's story is inspired by the visuals on that community's moodboard.


The animations can also be heard ( and watched)  in the Cornish langauage  Mazed Kernewek  thanks to translations by MAGA


There is a free app of 12 animated Mazed tales, produced by Awen. The app can be viewed anywhere in armchair mode. It will also work in geopositional mode on a smartphone or tablet with 3 or 4G, so you can view a story in its place of origin.


A very limited edition book has been produced of the Mazed stories, with artwork from the project. It is available to borrow at libraries in South East Cornwall, and a few copies are for sale at the Liskerrett Community Centre.


There was an exhibition of Mazed stories at Liskeard Museum, 28th July - 6th September 2014.

Celtic Media Festival

Mazed is nominated for an award


Now listen in, got some news. Tales I've been telling are up for a Torc at the Celtic Media Festival.

Mending a backlog of 'is and 'er umbrellas I 'm laughing like a piskey as I imagines meself amongst they media folk. Happen they'm lovin tales.

Mazed is nominated for the Kieran Hegarty award for Innovation. Record number of entries to the festival this year. Proud as a pie I am, heck I've had two pasties today already. Mazed.

They'm telling me Celtic Media Festival is a ‘Celebration of broadcasting, film, talent and excellence from Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Wales, Cornwall, Britainy’.

Festival is held each year in a Celtic nation, trouble is, for this year gotta cross the Tamar, they'm holding the festival up Inverness. Festival hall looks over the river Ness, much the same as the Lyner and Tamar, wet I 'spect.

I'm need'n get me organised for travelling. Betterways get some oil on my cart, suspension's good enough for mountains, might be needin' better tread on the tires. Proper job. Fair way Scotland.

Later on, later on.


Golitha Falls

Bluebells are out now down Golitha, a beautiful mist behind the falls