Cornishibai Box with Piskey who rode in a pocket
Cornishibai Box with Piskey who Rode in a Pocket

Mazed North introduces Cornishibai illustrated street storytelling.
A mix of Cornish droll telling and Japanese Kamishibai, Cornsihibai will take the piskies on the streets and cycle paths of North Cornwall Summer 2017.
Old tales from North Cornwall told with stunning new illustrations, displayed in a copper box on a tricycle.
Piskey mischief in print, pen and ink, manga and metal.

Kamishibai was a form of street theatre storytelling popular in Japan in the 1920's and 30's.
A storyteller would bang wooden clappers to gather a street corner crowd, then tell 3 tales, each tale illustrated with 8-10 pictures painted on board and displayed in a small theatre box usually mounted on the back of a bicycle. The brightly coloured pictures gave rise to manga comic illustrations, and eventually animation. Kamishibai was known as poor man's theatre, and flourished in hard times, the depression era. The shows were free though the storyteller sold sweets to raise an income. Television, initially known as electronic kamishibai, killed Kamishibai.