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The Piskeys and the Moormen , Blisland School Illustration

Blisland School heard tales of King Arthur's birth and death in Cornwall, and piskey tales from the moor near the school told by Sue Field with the help of Nellie Sloggett/Enys Tregarthen puppet. They chose the tale of the Piskeys Revenge to be illustrated by Stephen Lambert. The tale is about Granny and Granfer Nankivel, and last year the Nankivel children attended Blisland School, we wonder if they were related.Year 5/6 wrote their own versions of the Arthur tales, and the children worked with artist Biddy Lloyd making mixed media Cornishbai illustrations for the stories. They gave the world's first Cornishibai performance to family and friends at a packed tea treat at the school.  

piskeys revenge illustration granny blames the pets
Granny blames the pets
granfer cuts turf
Granfer cuts turf on the moor. Oops, its the Piskey's beds.
granny blames Jennifer
Granny blames Jennifer
granny spies the piskies
granny spies the piskies and they flee.