Celtic Media Festival

Mazed is nominated for an award


Now listen in, got some news. Tales I've been telling are up for a Torc at the Celtic Media Festival.

Mending a backlog of 'is and 'er umbrellas I 'm laughing like a piskey as I imagines meself amongst they media folk. Happen they'm lovin tales.

Mazed is nominated for the Kieran Hegarty award for Innovation. Record number of entries to the festival this year. Proud as a pie I am, heck I've had two pasties today already. Mazed.

They'm telling me Celtic Media Festival is a ‘Celebration of broadcasting, film, talent and excellence from Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Wales, Cornwall, Britainy’.

Festival is held each year in a Celtic nation, trouble is, for this year gotta cross the Tamar, they'm holding the festival up Inverness. Festival hall looks over the river Ness, much the same as the Lyner and Tamar, wet I 'spect.

I'm need'n get me organised for travelling. Betterways get some oil on my cart, suspension's good enough for mountains, might be needin' better tread on the tires. Proper job. Fair way Scotland.

Later on, later on.