nina and the trike

Mazed North introduces Cornishibai illustrated street storytelling.
A mix of Cornish droll telling and Japanese Kamishibai, Cornsihibai takes the piskies on the paths of Cornwall.
Six tales from North Cornwall told on the streets and cyclepaths by Nina Hills, with stunning new illustrations displayed in a copper box on a tricycle.
Piskey mischief in print, pen and ink, manga and metal.
You can tell the tales at home with the pack of illustrated STORYCARDS, available from Terrace Gallery, Penryn.


Darley Dog,  Sophie Fordham

The scary tale of the Darley Dog that haunts the roads near North Hill is illustrated by printmaker SOPHIE FORDHAM who makes prints and teaches printmaking in her studio at Boyton, near Launceston.

Piskeys Revenge , Stephen Lambert

The tale of the Piskey's Revenge features delightful pen and ink pictures by STEPHEN LAMBERT who lives and works on Bodmin Moor. He has illustrated many childrens's books, including Nobody Rides the Unicorn and The Train Ride.

The Piskey Spoon Mark Gregory

Metalsmith artist MARK GREGORY painted the story of the magical Piskey Spoon from Harlyn Bay, then made a piskey spoon. He also created the copper Cornsihibai box.

Legend of the Doombar, Alex Goodman

The Legend of the Doombar from Padstow is pictured in linocuts by ALEX GOODMAN .
Alex is an artist and producer and is often found messing around on boats in and around Penryn, Cornwall.
Her work investigates how stories and relationship to landscape reflect the navigation of our everyday lives.
Through illustration, poetry, paint, performance and print Alex's work is seeks to create a visual and audible poetry. You can find out more about her work at

Piskey who Rode in a Pocket Keith Sparrow

Piskey mischief from the Boscastle tale the Piskey who Rode in a Pocket is bought to the page by KEITH SPARROW with colourful manga illustrations, reflecting the original kamishibai manga.

Textile artist SUE FIELD has sewn the story of Anne Jeffries, the serving girl from St Teath who was sent to Bodmin Jail because she saw fairies, into vibrant handyed vintage woolly blanket storyblankets.