Downderry Smuggler's Descendent

Downderry is full of smugglers' descendents


Met someone down Downderry, ancestors were all smugglers and wreckers. For years his family weren’t about no more, this is what happened.

Downderry is full of smugglers’ descendents; they’m still living all the way along the coast. This man I met great, great, Granfer name of Toms lived Mevagissy ,1750s. Like as was usual them days, the whole family made a living from smuggling and wrecking. As was the peril, one night great, great Granfer got caught by the revenue man. The revenue men offered him ten thousand pounds to inform on the rest of his family, lot of money them days. He took the money and left for Devon. His family they were each and every man hung. Legend goes he went to London, I knows from meeting his descendent last week, really he went to Devon. Toms lived out rest of life in Modbury and neither he nor not one of his descendent ever went back to Cornwall for fear of reprisals for his betrayal.
Not one too bothered about it nowadays. As I told, met one of Tom’s descendents Downderry last week.

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