Duloe Manor

A creative wind blows over Duloe Manor


Back along near 300 years, Duloe Manor was a rectory. It was in they days the Rev. Jeremiah Milles ‘e planted an avenue of lime trees. Lime avenue still gives off an energy now, nice it is too, proper regal. Won’t believe this but a later reverend; Robert Scott, wrote part of a big book up Duloe. It were the Greek-English Lexicon –dictionary to you and me. I spect some read ‘em now- proper Greek. The rectors of Duloe they’m creative. Limes outside and writing inside. Rev. Robert Scott ‘e also liked a story and ‘e had a friend with what we’m call quite an imagination. One month, Rev Scott’s friend Charles Dodgson, some know as Lewis Carroll, was visiting.

If you’m one of they holidaying in Cornwall, I s’pect you are walking, relaxing or having a look around see whose about like meself. Carroll he was looking about but ‘e wasn’t holidaying ‘e was working hard on his writing. Wrote part of ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ up Duloe.

Read Alice ave you? I read a bit, thought it were mazed. Would never have dreamt of they funny old lot of characters. They’m: a sheep running a shop, a dumpty egg and a queen of hearts circling the avenue of limes- heck they had good cider down Duloe even back along Lewis Carroll’s time. Must be summat to do with the roots of old limes.

later on, later on