Golitha Falls

Bluebells are out now down Golitha, a beautiful mist behind the falls


Salmon swim up river to spawn. To get where they’m going along the Fowey, they’m needin’ to jump and leap up Golitha Falls. A man lived down Redgate, used to fish in the falls at Golitha. He spent some time watching the salmon; the shadow on the water, solids in the spray. One day he waded into the river, stood where he’d worked out the salmon would fall. Pushed back his hair, held up his arms- whooped. Told me, ‘e caught salmon in his Wellington Boots.

Wouldn’t chance a paddle in the river Fowey me self, I’d never catch nothin’, wouldn’t want to spoil my boots. And besides, I can tell you they’m currents in the river at Golitha. A fair few lost their lives in ‘em, same as King Doniert. Doniert as was the last king of Cornwall till Golitha swept him away, and with no king, Cornwall wasn’t a country no more. Those falls got a lot to answer for. Hear us might be a country again soon, what with all this about E. U. national minority status, better go lookin’ for a new king.....

Bluebells’ll be out Golitha about now, beautiful they’m spread all the way through the woods above the river. A blue mist under the trees is a mighty lot better than a white one sweeping down the road from Minions.

Later on.