The Haunted Station

Newly weds try their luck with an ancient promise.


Bin down Looe way today, stopped off at Causeland station and walked up the valley to St Keyne. I’ve been meanin’ to visit St Keyne some time now, always those needin’ umbrellas fixing didn’t um. Bedderfit things is mended if, for a shillin’ or two, they can be made good as new. Passed St Keyne Well and gave my face a bit of a splash, hot day as was. I’ve a tale to tell you about Causeland station and they newlyweds from down Looe.

They’m so excited they run down the hill to Looe station and catch the train to Causeland. Both trying to be the first to drink of St. Keyne’s Well and win the Saint's virtue. And so they’m on the train along by the river and past Sandplace station. The bride pushes her way through the crowd. Bedderway be first off this train, that’s what she’m thinkin’.

‘Excuse me,’ said the bride, pushing her way out onto the platform, ‘excuse me please.’ How she regretted choosing this busy summer Saturday for her wedding. Felling the urgency to make haste the bride began to run, corse she didn’ think to pick up her skirts, no such luck, she ran along and trip ‘n fell, and before they could catch her she is hitting her head on the hard cracking earth of Causeland station.

Broke her neck she did, never got to the Well and never time for a master in they marriage. Haunted it is Causeland don’t say I didn’ tell you about they. Kept her virtue she did wandering the tracks at night for all to see.

Later on, later on.