Liskeard Lemonade

I'm drinking a soft drink today and remembering Liskeard lemonade

Good Morning, I’m sitting at the bar down in Webb’s and remembering round the back used to be Crinks lemonade factory. I’m drinking the fizzy soft drink cos I’m remembering a bit of Liskeard local history. As you can imagine, a town the size of Liskeard drank a lot of lemonade, as a locally made treat was surely to be taken advantage of. They had their lemonade in pretty glass bottles and if you’m looking closely they can still be found in the Museum. Now Crinks was at the top of Pike Street, a very steep, narrow hill with a whole lot more shops at the bottom. And one day something went wrong with the Lemonade factory and the lemonade all fell out in huge sloshes and Pike Street became a river of lemonade.

They did they best to clear it up, but all they wiping and washing wasn’t doing nothing. Lemonade made the pavement very sticky and the stickiness stayed after all the washing. For months after the lemonade river, Liskeard folk, they kept getting their shoes stuck to the pavement. Betterfit they used the lemonade as a good excuse for a non slip walkway or something useful like that. Next time you’m going down Pike Street take a look and imagine a gushing river of sweet lemonade.

Later on, later on.