Lost Souls and Cattle

George's lane, livestock driven up it, souls driven down

Met a maid the other day very friendly she was, lived all her life in and about St John. Remembering George’s Lane and the cattle wandering up it, she tucked he dark grey hair behind her ears and said, ‘Years ago, they drove cattle across the river from Erth Barton to Sheviock to sell em at Sheviock market.’

‘Get on. Bet they cows washed away in high water.’

Market was this side of the river, Erth Barton t’other. Betterway use the river to bring cattle across to market. Low tide that is. There was not far to go with grassy mud flats either bank and the cattle enjoyed it. Up George’s lane to Sheviock was quite a steep climb, lovely through the woods.

Times gone were a chartered market at Crafthole in Sheviock parish. You’m not believing me as you watch all they surfers driving by quick to get the tide.

I’ve another story about George’s lane, what a place that is. Dando, the devil, gathered all the lost souls from the parish, and drove them in a big old wagon down George’s lane, over the river and into the Dandy Hole. Dandy Hole is in the Lynher on Erth side, opens up and drops all the way to hell. As his wagon was clearly full of all the souls bound for hell, only a fool would give `e self in- you'd know where you’m going –Wonder if any of they cows bound for market fell down Dandy – roast beef in hell, that’s what they’d be having

Get on.