Piskie and the Polperro Pasty

Polperro School pupils tell Bill of the Piskies and their pasties.


Bin talking rather a lot about piskies this past week. Down Polperro they’m overrun with they. Liskeard has they in their sheds and St Cleer folk best watch they’m not piskie-led on the moor. One school wrote a poem for me. How do they know I like pasty’s? Must have seen me coming out the shop, two I had, that’s between you and me mind.

Polperro Pasty Seller

Whiskey the Piskie made a
Pasty which was nasty.
He decided to sell them to
Get gold.
It poured with rain he
Caught a cold.
And his pasties grew mould.
They gave people pain
Which drove him insane.

So he fell down the drain,
Never to be seen again.

By Molly, Ben F, Anna Maria, Joseph, Jake, Patrick from Polperro school.

Suggest you check the Piskie’s not baking next time you six want a pasty. Lovely mine were.

Later on. later on.