Rough as Rats

A farmer finds a secret rat cure good as the Pied Piper's


There’s not nothing more troubling than being made rough by rats. Round here are seen rats big as dogs. They’m crawling across the grass with bright, daring eyes. Most times they rats keep themselves to themselves. If you see rats your place, means you’m over ratted, as happened to a farmer up Dobwalls. He lived top of the hill abouts where the Spar shop is now and close to the school.

It was the year 1960. Farmer bred pigs. Sheds became overrun by rats. Hadn’t done nothing about it until came a point he had to. Maid from Dobwalls, distinctly remembers he used a poison and the poison was bright blue.

Watching from her cottage, halfway down the hill; she saw hundreds of rats come scurrying through the fields and away toward Moorswater. They could not get away from they farmer’s pig sheds fast enough. Jumping and leaping one over t’other in a panic. Tis said they were heading down Liskeard.

With a bit of asking; I heard the blue stuff was burnt and it was the fumes chased the rats. Whatever it was, I’d like to know. Anti rat might sell well up country after all them floods.

Later on.