Boyton School MAZED NORTH

Digory Piper Pictures

Boyton School was the first school in Mazed North. Class 2 heard tales of local characters told by storyteller Liz Berg:Betsy Laundry the witch from North Hill, Digory Piper the world's worst pirate from Piper's Pool ,Vincent Darley's ghost and the last man to escape from the drowned land of Lyonesse. They  worked with printmaker Sophie Fordham making wonderful print pictures of Betsy and Digorys' tales, and chose the spooky tale of the Darley Dog for Sophie to illustrate.

Betsy laundry and toads
Betsy Laundry the witch keeps toads in her kitchen
Betsy herb collecting
Betsy herb collecting
Betsy heips a stung boy
Betsy helps a nettle stung boy
children go to betsys house
children go to betsys house
Witches on trial
Witches on trial at Launceston
toad witches in  Betsys kitchen
the toad witches help betsy