Story Sources - Cornishibai downloads

Federation of Old Cornwall Societies has a good selection of source texts online

Old Cornish Story Collections


  • William Borlaise. 'The Age of the Saints', 1893 Joseph Pollard
  • M. and L. Quiller Couch, 'Ancient and Holy Wells of Cornwall,' 1894, 1994 Tamara Publications
  • G.H Doble, 'The Saints of Cornwall, 1964 The Holywell Press, Oxford


  • 'Three Aurthurian Romances - Poems for Medieval France' translated by Ross G. Arthur. 1996 Dent

Cornish Story Retellings

  • Margaret Balfour 'The Vanishing Mayor of Padstow' 1938
  • Shirley Climo 'Piskies, SprIggans and other Magical Beings' 1981  Thomas Crowell, New York
  • Sarah L Enys 'Cornsih Drolls' 1931 Mayflower, Plymouth
  • Ruth Manning Saunders 'Peter and the Piskies' 1958 OUP

 Recent Cornish Story Collections

  • Anna Chorlton 'Cornish Folk Tales of Place' 2019 The History Press
  • Mike O'Connor 'Cornish Folk Tales', 2013 The History Press
  • Mike O'Connor 'Cornish Folk Tales for Children'  2018  The History Press
  • Eric Quale and Micheal Foreman, 'The Magic Ointment and other Cornish legends', 1988 Picturemac Macmillan reissued as Cornish Tales in 2012
  • Donald R. Rawe ed. 'Traditional Cornish Stories and Rhymes', 1992 Lodenek Press
  • Margaret Caine and Alan Gorton 'Footloose in Cornish Folklore', 2005 Cotswold(Quality)Leisure ltd.
  • Lucy Wood 'Diving Belles' 2012 Bloomsbury

 Local Interest

  • 'A Looe Ditty-Box', London and Scarborough 1924
  • Wilson MacArthur, 'The River Fowey', 1948 Cassel
  • Peter Moor and Martin Lister, 'Liskeard Town and About', 1988 Tamara Publications
  • Mike Dunn, 'The Looe Island Story', 2005 Polperro Heritage Press
  • Peter Moore and Martin Lister, 'The Good Looe Story', 1997 Peter Moore Publications
  • Charles Causley, 'Collected Poems 1951-1975', 1983 Papermac, Macmillan
  • Jason Higgs, 'Haunted Bodmin Moor', 2012 The History Press

Cornish Folklore

Cornish Folklorists

History and Culture

  • Garry Tregidga ed. 'Memory, Place and Identity ', 2012 Frances Boutle Publishers

Children's Books

  • Alan M. Kent 'The Beast of Bodmin Moor ', 2011 evertype
  • Will Coleman 'Tom and the Giant, Lutey and the Mermaid, Madgy Figgy's Pig', 2005 Brave Tales
  • Simon Parker ' Beast '  2014  Scryfa


Cornishibai is a cross between Kamishibai' a Japanese storytelling technique, and Cornish droll telling. Each story is shown in a set of story sheets, and a set of words, each picture a step in the story. Word and Pictures from 6 stories from North Cornwall can be downloaded here.The full stories are on the website.

CORNISHIBAI print off the word and pictures, then stick the words on the back of the corresponding picture. Start by reading the stories with the pictures a few times, then leave the text and tell the tales in your own words.(picture1, words1..)

 KAMISHIBAI print off the words and pictures. Stick the words on the back of the next picture in the set eg in a 6 picture story. Picture 1 words 2 ; picture 2, words 3; picture3,words 4; picture 5, words 6; picture 6 words1. The pictures can then be slipped in a Kamishibai box.instructions coming soon-and the pictures can be moved from the front to the back of the pile while reading the story. 



The Piskeys Revenge illustrations ©Stephen Lambert.
The Piskeys Revenge story ©Anna Chorlton.
The Piskey Spoon pictures ©Mark Gregory
The Piskey Spoon text ©Anna Chorlton 2017
The Legend of the Doombar pictures © Alex Goodman
The Legend of the Doombar story © Anna Chorlton.
The Piskey who Rode in a Pocket pictures ©Keith Sparrow
The Piskey who Rode in a Pocket story © Anna Chorlton
The Darley Dog pictures © Sophie Fordham 2017
The Darley Dog text © Anna Chorlton 2017
Anne Jeffries and the Fairies pictures © Sue Field
Anne Jeffries and the Fairies words © Anna Chorlton