Tales from across East Cornwall

Crispin the cockerel calls the dawn
A woman from St Teath seeks a fairy husband.
Fairy sight lands Anne in jail.
One bell short of a peal!
North Hill's charming witch 
Bargain with Merlin costs Uther his son
A miller encounters strange goings on in nearby Blackberry Round, he goes to investigate with difficult consequences.
Giant Bolster meets his match.
Bessie Jane catches a sea fairy at Harlyn Bay
The Building of Talland Church
A boy gets lost by following bundles of rags
Caradoc nearly loses his head.
Caradoc makes a friend or two, rescues a beautiful maiden, meets a mysterious stranger and encounters the Lady of the Pavilions.
A magical cloak tells the true lady
Caradoc the strong arm becomes embroiled with a snake, with every passing day he weakens.
King Caradoc and his son.
The cock-crow stone turns.
A farmer gives a small man shelter and is repaid with joy.
Knockers are underground piskies. Sometimes they help and sometime they hinder the miners. Disrespect the knockers at your peril.
Matt Mathews was sitting on the Old Crow Pound waiting for his father.
Some credulous people try to keep the cuckoo from flying off and taking summer with him.
A prior separated from his hunting party happens upon a feast and is tempted by the devil.
A ghostly black dog lurks near North Hill
The Devil comes to Cornwall but what he sees makes him flee
Geologists say the split in the rock by Polperro was caused by an earthquake but our elders know better.
The adventures of the world's worst pirate
A dragon lurks in the surf
A Cornish princess meets her prince but is turned into a blackberry bush before they can get to know one another.
The lady of the lake gives King Arthur a very special gift.
Every day the dog would turn up at the door and wait patiently...
The cliffs around Portwrinkle and Crafthole are said to be haunted by the ghost of the smuggler Silas Finn or ‘Finny’ as he was popularly known.
Vanity does not pay
A fisherman finds piskies sharing gold and helps himself to a portion
Giant meets Griffin
Ghost ship sighting foretells wreck
Flying sheep spotted off the coast of Hayle
Old Woman outwits spriggans
Piskeys conjour a sandstorm in the dunes.
Fair play is good play for young giant
The story of men playing hurling on a Sunday were turned to stone as an act of retribution.
The mysterious teleportation of Jacob Mutton of Cardinham
Joseph of Arimathea brings Jesus to Looe by boat.
The Battle of Camlann at Slaughterbridge
A large bird with outstretched wings surveys the farmland from his perch on a tree on the banks of the River Lynher.
Well, well, well, a robber gets a surprise
Heroic horse rescues man from drowning land
The story of three rivers: Tamar, the Tavy and the Taw.
Giant Uther challenges St. Tue to a contest of strength to seal the fate of Christianity in Cornwall.
How the beer got it's name.
Liskeard weather & Moorland worker rhymes
Tiny horsemen gallop through Padstow's streets at midnight.
Tom was the best poacher in all of Cornwall.
Reject a mermaid at your peril.
A midwife is asked to help out with a piskey birth and gets more than she bargained for.
Pilchards for profit not people at Mother Ivey's bay
Snow falls in feathers
An old woman creates the winds of the world beneath Dozmary Pool.
The ghost of poor elderly lady haunts the steps of the church at Antony.
Rob Mitchell was walking home along the road from Callington.
A Liskeard man gallantly uses his inheritance to buy a set of pipes for the well polluting its magical virtue in the process.
A tailor’s boy is helped by a piskey to save his father.
Two farmers surprise piskey riders and the piskies are displeased.
Surfers ride waves where piskies played
Be careful what you wish for
The piskies help a tired farmer
An unusually anxious piskey journeys through Cornwall in search of his laugh.
A piskey has an adventure
The piskies pinch the biskies.
A girl goes to stay with her great aunt and longs to see the piskies.
Piskies go wrecking to find a bed
A gold cup is found on the moor.
The Lady of the manor “dies” but is brought back to life when her ring is taken.
It is late summer in the magnificent Port of Seaton. Beyond the high harbour defences a mermaid plays in the bay.
A silver bell summons Serena to safety
Parson Richard Dodge and the laying to rest of The Spectral Coach.
St Cuby converts the Cornish, builds boats and protects his well from local farmers.
The devil is in the name
A proper Cornish Christmas Cake
Shoes fit for a queen?
A battle at Castle an Dinas
No escape for Cornwall's baddest man.
The saint and the silver bell.
St Neot lived in a quiet valley; a valley with a branch of the river Fowey running through it.
St Nona claims the piskey's well
St Petroc saves a faun, converts a king and befriends a wolf
Petroc saves the people of Bodmin from a dragon
The tinners saint.
The gnome maiden and the giants
A usefull find at Perran Sands
Good fortune for Week shepherdess
Bodmin Judge sells his soul to the Devil
A dishonest man sells his soul to the devil. After his death he haunts all Cornwall as he avoids his place in Hell.
A man repeats the piskey shout and is whisked away on an adventure.
The passage across the Tamar has always been important.
St. Keyne blesses the well in the Looe Valley and calls it St. Keyne Well.
A white hare seen in Looe signals misfortune to men who have betrayed their lovers and a warning to fishermen that a storm is brewing at sea.
Boscastle sea witches sell knotted ropes with the power to call the winds
Betty saves her friends from the witch in the well.
A shopkeeper singes an unwelcome visitor.